Whether you're working on a small job site or a major project

you can count on Schüttflix

The app for everything related to construction materials

Sand, crushed stone, gravel, the disposal of waste or even a few tipper-trailer ...

So much good stuff at the best prices

Whether you need 26 tons of gravel or a whole 2500 tons, a little waste disposed of or a lot, we'll take care of your job site at the best price.

If you've got really big plans, we can arrange a project, which makes it even easier to put in orders with Schüttflix – at an even better price.

Simply order what you want - when you want it

From 6:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening, Schüttflix makes your life on the job site easy. Ordering bulk materials, disposing of waste, or getting a transport\/job is easier and faster than ever before. With just a few clicks, you can specify your exact delivery date, and even make sure you get optimal timing for multiple transport jobs.

We provide the full overview

Whether you're working on a small job site or a major project, get an overview of everything you need on one screen with Schüttflix, including prices, delivery dates, materials ordered, project allotments, responsible supervisors, contacts at carrier companies, the weight of materials in transit, and much, much more.

The digital cornerstone of every construction project

Everyone's talking about digitizing. With Schüttflix, you make it easy. From the order to the disposition to the delivery bill, everything is 100% digital. That means "Goodbye paperwork" and "Hello, digital document management", because you have all documents from the invoice to the weighing slip in PDF form at the start.

Now it's personal: our expert in your region

Schüttflix not only supports you 100% digitally, but also 100% personally. If you have any questions, simply contact your local Schüttflix expert or give our service team a call.

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No matter where you are...

... The Schüttflix network gives you reliable access to construction materials, carriers, and our disposal services wherever you are. And all without having to spend all day calling around.

You are in good company with Schüttflix

Our projects

Grebensteiner outdoor pool

A completely new adventure pool is being built here, with water filtered solely by the power of nature. Since mid-March, we have been delivering 750 tons of cable sand.

At 48 years old, I'm not the computer nerd. The app is straightforward and simple. I think it's really good!

Dirk Bullwinkel

Foreman at v.chamier+mauth

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