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In this industry, people have got to be able to depend on one another. This works best with competent partners on equal footing. And we can never have enough of those. Do you want to achieve more with us and become a part of real network of mover and shakers? Then get to it.

The Schüttflix principle is a simple one

Schüttflix is a platform. Our customers use it to easily order bulk materials, transport jobs, and disposal services. We're aided in this by our great partners: construction materials sellers, carrier, and disposers who have registered for Schüttflix for free.

It's a well-known principle: One party has it, one party wants it, one party transports it. And here's how it works with us: After an order is made, the job ends up in our job exchange, where a partner forwarding company picks it up and takes care of it. Done. Sound simple? It is simple. So, make your day easier.


Everyone involved with Schüttflix

Schüttflix is a bit like a dating app for construction pros: We bring together partners from the whole industry – and everybody benefits. In other words, some make orders on Schüttflix quickly and easily. The others do good business here – construction materials sellers, disposers, or carriers. So if you're one of these – or you cover multiple areas; we're totally fine with that – then Schüttflix is perfect for you.

Construction Materials Sellers

Sand, gravel, rocks… if you sell the stuff that builders' dreams are made of, whether as a producer or a wholesaler, Schüttflix offers enormous customer potential and long-term projects. With full price autonomy.


Got a dump site? Or a landfill? Maybe a plant? Either way, if you're in waste disposal and you're up for more professional inquiries and digitization, then Schüttflix is just the right place for you.


Semis, side dump trucks, insulated dump trucks ... no matter what you've got in your fleet. No matter where you are – Schüttflix will get you on the road fast. Your next route is already waiting for you in the job exchange. Anywhere in Germany.


Whether you're a small family company or a large construction group, as a Schüttflix partner you'll have access to the best partners for construction materials, transport\/jobs, and the disposal of mineral waste. Transparently and conveniently.

To us, partnership means...

... Transparency, proximity, equality, and most of all, autonomy. Because with us, you decide for yourself! You determine your prices and the quantities you offer or take on. You let us know which routes you want to drive. And if anything goes wrong, we'll be there for you. After all, we're a very personal partner platform.

Is this the kind of partnership you could go for? Then come aboard and register with us.


Digitized processes – More efficiency

Full autonomy – 100% price sovereinty

Predictable income – long-term projects

Our Mission

We're getting the digital ball rolling

Seriously, the construction industry is the best industry there is. But it can be even better. That's why we started the Schüttflix platform. We want to help the industry to digitize, better connect market participants, and make logistics processes simpler and more transparent. Neverthless, our partners remain autonomous, and they retain all their freedoms on the platform.

Here's what our network of movers and shakers looks like

Genuine partnership can achieve a lot


Construction materials sellers and disposers of mineral waste


Partner Carriers


Vehicles in Use

What are the benefits of Schüttflix to me? Digital delivery notes and a contact whenever I need one.

Sabrina, truck driver

Thrilled to have Schüttflix as a real partner

You're in good company with Schüttflix

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We're ready to welcome you into our network. You can register now for free or speak with the expert for your region, who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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