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Using Schüttflix gives you a clear advantage

Are you looking out for your business's best interests? Of course – so are we. That's why it's worth it for you to partner with Schüttflix. And we don't just mean financially. You'll also benefit from all the extras. Keep reading to find out about all the benefits you can expect. Or jump right in.

Schüttflix makes it easy to make money

More Jobs

Schüttflix gives you automatic access to major customers nationwide who will use Schüttflix to order transport jobs, bulk materials, and disposal for their projects. That simply means more potential customers for you.

More Liquidity

That's maybe new for you, but we pay on the very next day. We promise. This eliminates default risks, secures your liquidity, and optimizes your cash flow. And you don't even have to waste your time wiriting up invoices.

More planning security

Having a number of large and long-term projects gives you more predictable revenue. As a Schüttflix partner and part of our network, you're automatically a potential seller or carrier for these projects.

More Efficiency

Everybody talks about digitization; Schüttflix puts you right in the middle of it. And what does that mean? It's simple: more efficient processes, less administrative work to do, less paperwork, and lower costs.

A couple more things...

Something you can really work with

Full Autonomy

You remain your own boss. You determine your prices. And you decide for yourself which routes you're going to take. We're only the digital platform that gets you the jobs.

Smooth Contacts

No unnecessary conversations at the job site and no more hassle with customer's accounts We're your contract partner and your contact partner. And make sure everything runs smooth for you.

Digital – but personal

As much as we talk about digitization, we're still human beings. So of course we'll be there for you personally if anything goes wrong. Ask your local Schüttflix expert for help or contact our service team.

By pros, for pros

We don't come from Silicon Valley and we're not some tech guys who don't have a clue about the construction business. Quite the opposite. For us to be able to turn the bright idea of a logistics expert into an effective app for the bulk materials industry, our team worked with specialists from the most significant fields. Schüttflix was developed by pros from the transport sector, the construction materials trade, civil engineering, and of course, IT experts. Okay, maybe we are tech guys after all.

What we mean is that you've come to the right place.

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