Here you can find information about the system requirements for using the Schüttflix app as well as the supported internet browsers

iOS and Android

You can only use the Schüttflix app with an iOS or Android phone. You will get the best functionality if you use the latest versions of iOS or Android as well.

Schüttflix requires the following versions:

  • iOS 11.4 and higher

  • Android version 8 and higher

Using the Schüttflix app requires a stable internet connection. Without an uninterrupted internet connection, you will not be able to use the Schüttflix app and its great features.

We offer limited support for tablets other than iPad.

Internet browser

If you use Schüttflix in the browser, you will have the best user experience with Chrome. You can download it from the official Chrome page. Of course, we also support other browsers, these include:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Edge

Please keep in mind that the browsers should always be up to date and that due to various limitations the functionality is not identical to the app.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact