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Our office in Cologne

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Our Cologne office is located in the heart of Cologne, opposite the mosque. The office is located directly at the park and the busy "Venloer" (as they say in Cologne) - right in the middle of it all. We look out into the nature and actually have everything you need right on our front. The bus and train connections are perfect, restaurants and pubs are around the corner and there are even a few supermarkets within walking distance at lunchtime. We use the entire 3rd floor here. With many "Rheinländer" and international colleagues, there is always a good atmosphere here.

What does a typical day look like?

Everyone travels individually: Bus & train, by foot, bike & e-bike, motorbike or scooter. The first thing we do is have a coffee and some fresh fruit. And usually a short update on what's coming up for the day. We often have visitors from customers or partners, the field workers come in and if the sun is shining, we like to go outside. In the summer, we can choose to sit in the park or on the legendary roof terrace with a view of the cathedral.  Espresso after lunch is very popular here, and at the end of the working day there is sometimes a small team event where we cook together, play table football and have a drink.

Office Insider:

One of our kitchens is named after a legendary beer from Cologne, which often irritates people who are not from Cologne because they associate the name with something completely different.

2 truths and 1 lie about the office in Cologne: 

  • We have a sensational roof terrace

  • Our kitchen is called "Schreckenskammer" (see Office Insider)

  • There is no air conditioning in our office

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