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The cornerstone of Schüttflix's success is our crew – a strong team that knows how to get things done. They don't ask, they do. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Great. We've still got a lot to do, and we're going to need the very best people.

Sales, Disposal, KAM, & Operations

Our 7 regional teams are made up of pros in 4 different fields who take care of our customers on location.

Product & Tech

This is team that designed and built the Schüttflix app. They're constantly coming up with new features, optimizing the app, and developing it even further.

People & Culture

They work tirelessly to expand the Schüttflix crewand find the perfect people for the job – people like you.

Growth & Innovation

Schüttflix has ambitious goals and a clear vision. To achieve this, we've got to keep growing and expanding to new business areas. Good thing we've got professionals taking care of things.


Build something good and talk about it. The Marketing Team makes sure that Schüttflix stays in the conversation and presents a good image to the outside.

Data & BI

When making decisions, we don't go with our gut instincts, but base them sturdy foundations backed by solid data. This is the team that builds those foundations.

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