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The Cornerstone of Our Success Story

Who built it?

Our Product & Tech Team, of course. They're the ones responsible for the Schüttflix app – that is, the very foundation the company is built on. And they continue to build on it every day, optimizing existing features, developing new ones, preparing Schüttflix to enter new markets, and so much more. Sounds pretty typical so far, doesn't it? But there's one thing about it that we find really exciting: We work on problems that no one before us has ever solved. We're opening up new building plots every day, and we're happy to welcome anyone who wants to join us.

The Creative Experts Behind Our App


The Product Team is the team that defines what needs to be done. Centered as we are on our customers, we've got a pretty good idea of the needs, the goals, and the problems of our partners in the construction and civil engineering fields. Our team of people from PO, UX, UI, and Copy use this knowledge to come up with the optimal solutions – always backed by data and validated, of course. And working in close, transparent collaboration with the Tech team, we ensure that that our customers and partners get the best possible product for their needs.

The Technical Experts Behind Our App


The Tech team is responsible for defining how the ideas from the product team are to be realized. We do our work in an excellent technical environment that combines short release cycles and tons of talent with a culture of trust and autonomy. Multiple teams made up of backend, frontend, SRE, and QA worktogether with the Product Team in 2-week sprints. Then we loosen up everything every two weeks with a hack day. But the graphic below says more than a couple of words could anyway.

Our Product Life Cycle

Our Team Makeup

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Step 4

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