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Cooperative studies at Schüttflix

Lara Martinschledde | Assistant to the Managing Director
Interview mit Jonas Fröhlingsdorf

First things first: What are you actually studying?

Since first of march, I am studying B.Sc. Business Informatics at the FOM in Cologne. In my degree programme, I learn the basics of computer science and, above all, business administration. This means that the topics of computer science and business administration are combined. As a business information scientist, I act as an interface between the users and the developers of a software and can thus mediate between the wishes, needs and functions of a software of the other side.

.... and how can that be combined with Schüttflix?

I work 30 hours a week and go to the FOM in the evening. Because I don't have the burden of a full-time job, I get enough time to study sufficiently for my degree. It's great to have a mentor - especially Dominik. From my personal point of view, it's the perfect interplay between having fun at work and developing strengths. Dominik simply has a talent for imparting his own knowledge and explaining things to you in such a way that you understand them immediately. I can really only benefit from Dominik's experience and tips. But I can also observe the interaction between application requirements and development from my other colleagues on a daily basis. So I get to know the interface very well. I learn not only about the tasks of software development, but also about the requirements of the customers and how they should be implemented.

... and last but not least: What do you hope to gain from a dual study programme at Schüttflix?

I hope to gain a good basic knowledge of computer science and business administration. Through the combination of study and work, I hope to be able to better understand what I have learned. The close practical relevance can immediately help me to combine my studies and work so that I can incorporate the knowledge into my work process.

If you have any more question, feel free to ask me!

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