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Office Vienna

!! Hello, ooh-oh, Vienna calling !! (Falco, 1985)

Welcome to our beautiful, historic Vienna at Schüttflix Austria.

Lisa Deutschmann | Operations Expert

Where are we actually located?

Our co-working space is located in the weXelerate Tower - Austria's most impactful innovation ecosystem - directly at "Schwedenplatz" in Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna. Within walking distance of the underground and tram, the office is very easy to reach by public transport.

What does a working day at the "Ösis" actually look like?

Our team currently consists of eight Schüttflix team members, led by our Country Manager Stefan Klanner. We currently share the office with four other start-up companies, so there's always something going on and it's great to network with other industries. We work on six workstations and in various lounges in the building to build up or overrun the Austrian market. In our work space you'll find a small kitchen where we often have breakfast and cook together. But since we are also close to some great restaurants and cafes, our lunch breaks are often spent on the Danube Canal - the Danube flows right past us - with a wonderful meal from Stewart Bistro & Take-Away.


For those who don't know Vienna that well, here are a few fun facts:

  • Fact #1 - Vienna is the only capital city with its own winegrowing.

  • Fact #2 - Vienna's first coffee house owner was a spy

  • Fact #3 - Central Cemetery: There are more dead than living in Vienna

  • Fact #4 - The "Wiener Zeitung" is the oldest daily newspaper still published in the world

  • Fact #5 - Vienna is the greenest city in the world: more than half of the city is green space